Western Nashos Sub Branch Upcoming The 10th Year Charter of the Sub Branch will be October 24th 2010 at the Altona RSEvents 2010

Western Nashos Sub Branch Events 2010

If you would like to join
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General Meeting Dates for 2010

January 22nd Williamstown R&SL 19.30 hrs
February Sunday 14th AGM Altona R&SL 14.00hrs
March Thursday 25th Williamstown R&SL 19.30 hrs
April Thursday 22nd Altona R&SL. 19.30 hrs
May 27th Thursday Altona R&SL .19.30.hrs
June 24th Thursday Altona 19.30.hrs
August 26th Thursday Altona R&SL 19.30.hrs
September 23rd Thursday Altona R&SL 19.30.hrs
October 28th Thursday Altona R&SL 19.30.hrs

November 25th Thursday Altona 19.30.hrs

Sub Branch News 2010

National Servicemens day Altona Cenetaph.
Friday 12th Feb 11.00hrs.

Sunday Feb 14th
National Servicemen;s Day Shrine

State AGM Sunday 28th Feb.

Sunday March14th
Memorial Day Puckapunyal
Form up 10.00.AM.

Anzac day Sunday April 25th.
Form up Collins Street East 11.00 HRS outside the Regent Theatre.

The 10th Year Charter of the Sub Branch will be October 24th 2010 at the Altona RSL.

Day/Night get together July 25th.

State Toy Drive HG Camberwell R&SL Collection Saterday 19th July 13.00 HRS.
for pick up by the Salvation Army.

State Luncheon Wendesday 19th May Mulgrave Country Club $23.00 P/ Head.

Sausage Sizzle May 2nd Bunning Altona 9AM ~4PM.
THanks too all the members who volunteered their time on the day also Thanks to Pat Marshall & Tom Crooks for their efforts and Bill Fogarty for supplying the bench for the day, which was handy for a rest used by all.

Reserve Forces Day Council Service 4th July Shirne.

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